Thursday, 24 May 2018

Wings Writing

Hi this week we had to write about a small clip called Wings I had to think really hard to write about this I found it hard, anyways here it is I hope you enjoy :)

As i'm flying above the misty forest i hear an ear shattering
noise. I fly like a plane down towards it. my ears feel
uncomfortable with the atrocious sound.
Its a boy playing a flute.
Snatching him up with my wings, I force him to the ground.
That should make him stop…

I'm thrilled that the noise stopped...
Excitement fills me as I realise I am flying with one wing.
suddenly the feeling of happiness starts to disappear as I fall
to the ground. Is this going to hurt?
Thoughts start streaming through my brain.
Will anyone miss me if I die? Does it even matter?

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Amusement Park Writing

This week we had to write a descriptive writing about a photo of an amusement park our teacher showed us .     I hope you enjoy


Fear  brush       roller coaster  

   pop corn  hot dogs

Clowns people dressed up

It looks cool at the place i'm at i can taste the sweet candyfloss
I can sense the fear of the kids on the rides
I can feel the cold air brush through my hair

I can hear the popcorn popping as I wait in the queue ,my mouth waters   I am eager to go on the roller coaster ride

I sense the concern of the kids on the teriffying roller coaster

The cold air brushes through my hair as I ride the roller coaster. I feel i'm about to vomit when I go upside down

Hearing the sounds of the metallic rails meet the rollercoaster make my ears feel they might burst. The loud country music doesn't help.!

At the corner of my eyes I see the steaming hot dog stand with people queued up waiting for the delightful taste of the tomato sauce mixed with the mustard on the hotdogs. My mouth starts to water…

The clowns walk around clueless of the fear that the people have on the rides as they wait to give them a balloon.

The ferris wheel takes me high into the the night sky above all other people my gut shrivels from the height I’m at.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Maths Work Book

This week we have been working on probability. Here is my workbook. I found some of it a little challenging.

Friday, 9 March 2018


Today there is the grey main family fiesta and we had to make cupcakes for them to be bid on. Here are mine :)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

kensukes Kingdom

kensukes Kingdom

Today we had to start reading a book called kensukes Kingdom And we have to answer these questions about it. It was really fun i hope u enjoy it as much as i did

Rugby Poem T1 W2

WALT: Write and Acrostic Poem

This week we have been working on our acrostic poems here is mine...

I Hope You enjoyed my work...

Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable Arts

                                                                    Wearable Arts
Our costume is based on the day of the dead festival. the day of the dead festival is hosted in mexico. Mexicans remember and honour their dead loved ones. it is not a sad time rather a celebration of the lives of those who have past on. they visit cemetery's and decorate the graves the belief is that the spirits return to the land of the living for 1 day of the year to be with there family's. spirits are greeted with offerings of special foods and things they enjoyed when they were alive.

our costume is made out of cardboard, paper mache, paint rubbish bags, egg cartens, bottle tops

what we did well:
paper macheing
What we dident do well:
rubbish bags

What we would change:
how we did our costume
spend more time on the costume insdead of the sombrero